Holly Madison is Anti-Airbrushing

March 31, 2009 By:
Holly Madison is Anti-Airbrushing

Holly Madison definitely knows how to pose for pictures. Not only that, but she’s a pro behind the camera as well.

Towards the end of her road on Girls Next Door, Holly worked on photo shoots for Playboy magazine, picking which pictures would make the magazine.

But believe it or not, Holly thinks Photoshop has gotten out of control. She recently spoke out about Kim Kardashian’s airbrushed picture for Complex.

She says, “One of my pet peeves is too much Photoshop. When I worked at Playboy I was always really strict that the Photoshop we used on the girls was minimal...I think it’s over the top. Kim looks amazing. She’s a gorgeous girl and she’s got nothing to hide!”

Holly says that despite the way we always see her, all done up, she could care less about looks. She says, “No, I totally don’t care. The last guy I was with, he liked me best without makeup so I’m totally casual now. I don’t even care!”

That’s actually really refreshing to hear both Holly and Kim admit to not being perfect, and that they’re comfortable in their bodies.

Airbrushing has definitely spiraled out of control. Sometimes celebrities look unrecognizable on the covers of magazines. The Photoshop person needs to learn when to stop!