Holly Is Not Leaving Hef

September 9, 2008 By:
Holly Is Not Leaving Hef

There have been all sorts of rumors going around about Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner. First they were getting married and yesterday they were breaking up. Holly must have been sick of the rumors because she went to her Myspace blog to clear some of the chatter going around.

Read the full blog below:

Random Rumor(s) of the week . . .

Hef and I are not getting married! It would not be a secret if I were engaged to anyone. There is a bad ass wedding coming up in Season 5 of Girls Next Door, but it's not mine! It was our friends' wedding that Bridget planned. I think it was one of the craziest weddings/receptions Vegas has ever seen. I loved the cut I saw of the episode (one of my all time faves) but they could not even show half of the stuff that went on that weekend!

I gotta admit, Bridget and I tried to get married while we were out there for the wedding . . . but you will have to tune in to see how that panned out! lol!


Addendum: Hef and I are not breaking up, either. We are PIC (Partners in Crime, lol, Kendra came up with that one). We are wrapping up Season 5 of the Girls Next Door and are looking forward to filming a Season 6.