Holly Explains Split With Hef

October 7, 2008 By:
Holly Explains Split With Hef

We still can’t believe things are over between Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner.

That girl was really dedicated to him! He probably figured she would eventually force him into getting married and have babies which he definitely doesn't want to do.

But Holly took to her Myspace blog to bring us up to speed on their situation. Get this. She’s still living in the mansion! Why hasn’t Hef booted her yet?! She’s lucky she at least got her own reality show or she would still be some unknown girl. How long we giving her till she’s spotted in Vegas with Criss Angel?

"What’s Going on . . . .
Current mood: lonely

Hef and I will always be friends . . . I do have my own place, but I am still at the Mansion, too, right now . . . I'm too busy to move! hahaha . . . Bridget, Kendra and I are all still best friends and plan on doing several projects together in the future . . . even though Bridget is in Europe right now and I am sad and lonely without her . . .

You will see how it all happens in Season 5 . . . Sunday nights on E! . . . How lame, I just turned that into the most shameless plug ever . . . lol!