Sigourney Weaver: 'Political Animals' Is NOT Based On Hillary Clinton

July 12, 2012 By:
Sigourney Weaver: 'Political Animals' Is NOT Based On Hillary Clinton

Political Animals” is a new mini series headed to USA that takes a fictitious look at political families in the White House like the Clintons. Sigourney Weaver stars in this new drama as Elaine Hammond, a former Presidential First Lady turned Secretary of State. Ringing any bells? She’s basically playing Hillary Clinton, if that wasn’t evident, turn on CNN every once in a while.

However, Sigourney tells Hollyscoop that aside from her on-screen job title, the comparisons to Mrs. Clinton end there.

“You know, it is very loosely based, I actually don’t think its based at all on Hillary,” Sigourney tells us at the “Political Animals” junket. “We all admire Hillary immensely but it is inspired by any woman who has been in the White House as a wife and now has her own career.”

Sigourney adds, “with all due respect to the Clintons, it is much bigger than the Clintons.”

So there, “Political Animals” tells the story of a political family, not just a fictionalized version of Hillary Clinton's life. The drama aims to show what life is like for politicians and their families while at work and what happens when C-SPAN stops rolling.

Sigourney says her character would make the perfect President, citing “[Elaine] is like a girl scout who grew up and wants to be the President and wants to fight for the disenfranchised.”

James Wolk and Sebastian Stan (“Gossip Girl”) play Sigourney’s sons on the show and realized during filming that Hollywood and politics aren’t too different after all.

“Hollywood and politics I find to be very similar,” says Sebastian.

Wolk says the only difference he sees between the two worlds is “in politics for this family, they are expected to be perfect and I think that there is more wiggle in Hollywood to not being perfect in the public eye.”

“Political Animals” premieres Sunday July 15, 2012 on USA.