Hilary Duff Tweets Picture of Pregnant Belly

December 23, 2011 By:
Hilary Duff Tweets Picture of Pregnant Belly

According to a recent study, one of the most pronounced symptoms of Baby Fever is painting your pregnant stomach and then tweeting a photo of it for all the world to see, a la Mariah Carey.

And Hilary Duff has baby fever.

The actress painted a picture of a boxed gift along with the phrase Happy Holidays on her stomach, then posed with a Santa hat in front of a tree and posted it to her Twitter page. It was actually really cute, but let’s hope she doesn’t get carried away and pose naked on OK! magazine with Nick Cannon groping her breasts.

Duff Tweeted the pic along with:

“Happy holidays from the three of us!! @HaylieK what would I do without you and your artistic ways!"
Hilary is, of course, referring to her sister, Haylie Duff.

Haylie Tweeted:

“Evening spent painting my seester @HilaryDuff 's belly and hanging with my brother in law... Can't wait to meet my nephew. #HurryUp&GetHere”

Duff got at least one Christmas present early fthis year. The actress's beloved Chihuahua, Lola, came home on Tuesday after undergoing surgery for an undisclosed ailment.

Breast implants. This dog got breast implants. Same thing happened with a chick from my old office. “oh, I have to get surgery, it’s confidential.” Then she comes back two weeks later looking like Dolly Parton.

"Could not have asked for a better gift! Got 2bring Miss Lola home 2day!" Hilary Tweeted Tuesday night. "She is standing up by herself! And taking some steps! Big improvement!"

Remember, Lola. Ice pack on the chest.