Hilary Duff Trading Babies for Extravagant Vacations

April 14, 2011 By:
Hilary Duff Trading Babies for Extravagant Vacations

Hilary Duff is a happy newlywed. She's enjoying every single second of being married to Mike Comrie, but don't expect to see her sporting a baby bump anytime soon.

Hilary told Hollyscoop at the Kimberly Snyder book launch in Los Angeles on Wednesday that she's mostly just looking forward to spending some quality time with Mike this season--and that doesn't involve a baby.

"[His team] just made the playoffs, so this season is going to be a little bit longer this year. I'm really looking forward to spending the summer together," Hilary told Hollyscoop exclusively.

"You know, right when we got married he went off and played in Pittsburgh and it’s been a lot of traveling back and commuting. It'll be nice to have the summer together."

When it comes to his wife, no splurge is too small (and he proved that with the $1 million engagement ring he gave her), so a big lavish summer vacation seems fitting for these two.

"I'm sure! I told him I want three vacations this summer and I want them to be big nice and extravagant," Hilary confessed to HS.

So are baby plans on hold indefinitely? "We are really excited for that, but want to wait a little bit. We got married last summer and we've been a apart all year. It'd be nice to have one last summer that I get to have fun and not do anything."

Got it, no babies here. Sounds like the only thing Hilary is going to be sporting this summer is another piece of rock.