Hilary Duff Says 'No Hockey' In Her Baby's Future

December 1, 2011 By:
Hilary Duff Says 'No Hockey' In Her Baby's Future

We've seen Hilary Duff grow up before our eyes, so it's hard to imagine that the young star is going to be a mom in just a few months. Duff has been carrying her baby bump well, and her motherly instincts have already kicked in.

Hollyscoop talked to the mom-to-be at the launch of her stylist Jessica Pastor's JustFab collection and asked if she thinks her son will follow in her or her hockey-playing husband, Mike Comrie's, footsteps.

"It's really tough to say," Hilary says. She then tells us, "When I first started seeing Mike, he would come home with five stitches on his face…and I would be like, 'oh my god, what is this?'"

Duff says she just can't see her kid in that position. "The idea of that happening to my baby...no hockey."

Okay, so hockey is out, what about acting?

"I don’t want to push in any direction," Duff tells Hollyscoop, adding that she wants her offspring to "find their directions and path and what works for them."

"I think it's good they find something they like. You have to encourage them to keep at it," Duff told us. "I would support him no matter what, but I wouldn't tell him to be an actor or hockey player. That would be really rough."

No stage moms here. So what about a baby name?

"We have two names," Hilary reveals to Hollyscoop. "But we want to wait to kind of decide."

Good news, though. So far, the new parents are on the same page.

"We agree on everything, " Hilary tells us. "Which has been very nice."

While most pregnant ladies opt for loose, flowy tops, Duff is embracing her bump. She showed up to the launch of The Beauty Book For Brain Cancer in Hollywood on Monday, wearing a skin tight, sequined mini. See, maternity wear doesn’t have to be stretchy pants and crocs.

"In the beginning [of my pregnancy] I was thinking, I'm going to wear really loose things, because you don't really look pregnant at first -- you just feel a little bigger than your normal self," Duff said at the time.

"And now that you start to show I think it's better to wear tighter things, but it's kind of a challenge to find things!"

And her big pregnancy craving is anything spicy.

"I want spicy food all day, every day. My husband was joking the other day, 'Did you put any eggs in your hot sauce?' There's just tons of hot sauce everywhere!"