Hilary Duff: My Baby Strengthened My Marriage

June 5, 2012 By:
Hilary Duff: My Baby Strengthened My Marriage

Not that there was anything wrong in Hilary Duff and hockey husband Mike Comrie’s marriage, but Duff reveals that baby Luca was the best thing to happen to them as a married couple.

“It’s made [our marriage] stronger,” Duff told Hollyscoop at The Bing Summer of Doing at HOLA event, “Having a baby is a lot of hard work and you really depend on each other for a lot. There is so much love…you can’t imagine it until it happens to you and you look at your husband and you’re like ‘we did this together.’ It’s a really beautiful thing and we are enjoying it. There are no words.”

Hilary has spoken out in the past on how difficult being a mom is, tweeting things like, “This job is no joke!”

Now, she’s singing a different tune.

“There is so much purpose now, there was before but it is just on a whole other level there is so much joy and excitement every single day,” gushes Duff.

She admits there that there was “lots of hard work, [but] its fantastic. [Having a child] has just done so much for our family. Mike and I were married before and that’s a great feeling but to really have a child and feel that connection, that unit, it really has been an incredible journey.”

Luca Cruz has been in the world for a few months now, and still no tabloid covers with his photo on it? Duff shares why they didn’t sell the baby photos like other celebrity couples.

“I understand why people sell photos and hopefully give the money to charities, we got those offers too and I just didn’t want to do that,” admits Duff, “This is our child and we really wanted to start off protecting him. I tweeted pictures of him and showed him to the world in that way, [but] we are trying to give him the best chance to have a normal start.”

And like any new mom, she’s working hard to shed the baby weight.

“I spin a lot I am really addicted to spinning and I just started doing circuit training with my trainer and I do Pilates and I am active I hike I live in a community that has lots of hills so I am pushing Lucca around a few times a week we go on a hike.”

And even though it’s only been 10 weeks, Duff is already thinking about baby number 2!

“Of course but we are going to enjoy this one first.”