Hilary Duff Gets Sister Haylie A Job

January 23, 2009 By:
Hilary Duff Gets Sister Haylie A Job

Haylie Duff can kiss her days of hosting shows like Legally Blonde:The Search For Elle Woods goodbye! And it’s all thanks to her sister Hilary, who got her a role on her new NBC sitcom Barely Legal.

Hilary Duff recently signed on as the lead of the show. She’ll be playing the hot shot young lawyer at a big firm.

Sources say Hil insisted in her contract that her older sister be given a part. So now Haylie will play the sister who comes into town every once in a while, according to Ok! magazine.

Isn’t that what famous sisters are for? Help out the older, less fortunate, no as well-known sister? It’s only fair!

We admit, Hilary is definitely the cuter, and more talented of the two. But Haylie as Summer in Napoleon Dynamite was, well, dynamite! She pulled that part off really well. So props to Hil for hooking her sister up big time!