Heroes Cast Members Honored

November 4, 2008 By:
Heroes Cast Members Honored

Saturday Night The Hollywood Entertainment Museum paid homage to The Cast of Heroes as they received the Hollywood Legacy Award at the Esquire House in the Hollywood Hills.

Rob & Chad Lowe were also honored, but the question of the night was, who is actually watching Heroes? The topic has come to the forefront as the show numbers continue to slump in its third season. And to add fuel to the fire, executive producers, Jesse Alexander & Jeph Loeb were canned over the weekend.

With all the rumors in the air we wanted to ask the simple question, Who is the typical Heroes viewer? "There is none, I have little kids, I have guys, I have women come up to me, and there's really just no pattern." explained Cristine Rose, who plays Angela Petrelli on the show.

She goes on to tell us where the biggest competition lies, "I saw something yesterday on the internet that said a lot of women over 49 and women under 18 love the show, And somewhere in the middle there watching Dancing with the Stars. But it’s amazing about the demographics."

Spicy Latina, Dania Ramirez who plays Maya Herrera on the show explains, "There all different, I have met people as old as fifty something and then of course the comic book fans are the hardcore heart of who our fans are."

We didn't realize that fifty something was considered old, you have to wonder what Madonna would think about that statement. Plus we all know that fifty is the new thirty.

The nights most interesting comment came from Greg Grunberg, who plays Matt Parkman on the show, "I once had a guy who asked for a picture for his wife, so I sent him a signed headshot and I wrote call me seriously, as a joke right, So he sent me a picture back of him, naked," With a great sense of humor Greg added, "The typical fan is someone who can appreciate a good story in a comic, they are smart and you have one shot with a smart audience."

And to know surprise, Hayden Panettiere was rushed away before we got to speak with her, however her TV Father spoke protectively on the downside of being young and beautiful in Hollywood.

"Its not a secret. The way the publicity game is set up, its completely obsessed with young women and the idea is to basically to destroy them, its predatory and It certainly could make me react in a very bad way if I had to put up with what she has to put up with." says Jack Coleman who plays Noah Bennet.

With all the various powers that each cast member has, maybe one of them could look far enough into the future and see what's in store for NBC & Heroes.