Helio Castrovenes Pleads Not Guilty

October 3, 2008 By:
Helio Castrovenes Pleads Not Guilty

Helio Castroneves appeared in court today and
pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy and six counts of tax evasion.

was brought into his arraignment in cuffs and shackles and cried throughout the hearing in a Miami court Friday afternoon. He was forced to give up his passport, and cannot travel anywhere in the United States. That's when ya know you're in trouble! But Helio is still allowed to participate in a race this Sunday, so at least he has that to look forward to.

Before his court appearance Friday, one of Castronoves' attorneys, David Garvin, told the Associated Press his client "did not do anything wrong. We're looking forward to going to court. Helio has always done the appropriate thing and hired accountants and attorneys he relied upon."

He was ordered released on $10 million bail. That's the one thing you can't mess with! The tax man!