Helio Castroneves Acquitted in Tax Case

April 17, 2009 By:
Helio Castroneves Acquitted in Tax Case

Indy 500 star Helio Castroneves can go buy a new car to celebrate, because he’s been acquitted!

Helio, who is also known as the 2007 champ on Dancing With The Stars, was on trial on tax evasion charges.

He, his sister who is his business manager, and his lawyer were all accused of conspiring to evade $2.3 million in taxes over a five-year period, and were facing up to six years in prison.

But after deliberating for just six days, the jury reached their verdict, and he’s innocent! Helio’s sister Katiucia and his lawyer Alan Miller were acquitted as well.

Outside of court, Helio, speaking in his native Portugese, told reporters, "I just want to thank God, and my fans, and all of the people who prayed for me.”

Holding a rosary, he added, "It has been a very difficult place to be in.” He said he planned to leave Friday night for Los Angeles. It’s party time now! Crack the champagne!