Why Heidi Montag Snubbed Dancing With the Stars

January 17, 2011 By:
Why Heidi Montag Snubbed Dancing With the Stars

Heidi Montag doesn’t seem like she’s in any position to be turning down job opportunities. But I’ve just learned that she snubbed Dancing With the Star--and she had no choice in the matter!

RadarOnline.com is reporting that Heidi had to turn down an offer to be on the show because she was still contracted on The Hills.

Montag’s agent even pitched her to be the new correspondent for the show after Samantha Harris left. Obviously no one took that too seriously, since Brooke Burke was given the job.

"She was devastated, she had even started training on the side," said a source.

So now that Heidi has absolutely nilch, nada, zero going on…this should be the perfect time for her to be on the show, right? Well, unfortunately for Montag, she signed herself up to be a human biology experiment last year when she got more than ten surgeries in one day.

"It was before her surgeries and so I'm not sure if she wants to risk it now," a source close to her added. "She already took an elbow from a dancer on the set of her song, Overdosin', and she's scared of getting hurt."

So sad. She needs to get rid of those balloons, and focus on getting more work before she is forced to end up on Celebrity Rehab…that’s like bottom of the barrel!