Spencer Pratt Still in the Picture

June 2, 2010 By:
Spencer Pratt Still in the Picture

Heidi Montag is trying her hardest to create buzz around the fact that she’s over Spencer Pratt, and is focusing in on her new life living with best friend Jen Bunney.

But we all know this is just a huge publicity ploy to get people talking about them again. And even Bunney couldn’t help but let the cat out of the bag when it come to Spencer’s continuing presence in Heidi’s life.

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She spoke with Popeater to explain what this new reality show about her and Heidi will be about, and says viewers can expect Spencer to be in it too.

"Of course Spencer will be in the show," she says. "He is her husband and even though they are separating, he is a part of her life and she's a part of his. He'll be an aspect of the show ... if he wasn't, it wouldn't be realistic."

Well, that show just lost a spot in our DVR queue! Bunney also claims the show won’t be scripted like The Hills. "It will be more like everyday life and totally relatable," Bunney says. "Sometimes we wont wear make-up, just natural."

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The horror! Bunney says the show will have more of "like a tell-all documentary" feel to it, adding, "It's going to be really raw."

Sort of like the wounds on Heidi’s new skin? We get it! Then she goes on to insult The Hills, saying, "I think The Hills amplified issues that weren't that big of a deal to draw bigger audiences. We aren't really sure what to tell you to expect for this first season -- it's all unplanned. We're just going to see what will happen."

What we do know is that the ladies will begin filming at their rented Malibu beach house in July. This ought to be good!