Spencer Pratt Has Lost His Mind

June 1, 2010 By:
Spencer Pratt Has Lost His Mind

Heidi Montag announced that she was leaving Spencer Pratt on Friday and that she was ready for a summer with the girls.

Heidi was reportedly fed up with Spencer's "crazy behavior," which drove her “to the edge.”

Heidi Montag is Going to Have the Best Summer Ever!

“Spencer has moved out of their Pacific Palisades house... he’s no longer living there,” a source told Radar Online. “The few people left in his inner circle fear Spencer has lost his mind,” the source added.

Heidi has moved in with Jennifer Bunney and the two are going to be shooting a reality show together this summer.

Heidi Montag Splits from Spencer Pratt

Spencer has been acting extremely bizarre in the past few months. He was always crazy, but his crazy behavior had recently turned bizarre.

“We are all surprised Heidi has even been able to get away from him... Spencer is so far gone now, it’s almost like he’s on something… because if he’s not, he’s really gone crazy.”

Even though we're happy Heidi left him, we still have a feeling it's only for the reality show. Those two are so obsessed with fame that they will even put their marriage on hold for a chance to be on TV.