Spencer Pratt Controlling Heidi's Every Move

May 17, 2010 By:
Spencer Pratt Controlling Heidi's Every Move

Shocking news! Heidi Montag isn’t capable of making her own decisions! According to a new report, Spencer Pratt controls his wife’s every move, and people are calling her a puppet.

A source tells Ok! magazine, “I always used to think of Heidi as independent, but she’s become Spencer’s little blonde puppet. “Here she was, a smart, beautiful girl, and she’s changed herself so much that she’s almost unrecognizable.

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“Spencer has a knack for figuring out someone’s weaknesses and exploiting them. He knows how to push Heidi’s buttons,” the insider continues. “She’s wrapped around his finger. She does whatever Spencer wants her to do.”

As Hollyscoop has previously reported, even Spencer and Heidi’s families have begun disowning them. And they barely have any friends left either. “He made Heidi give up all her friends for him. He even made her pick between her family and him,” says the source.

“I have seen Heidi cry because she doesn’t know what to do. But everyone who has tried to intervene gets cut from her life. Spencer’s nuts. He picks fights with friends and family because he thinks everyone has ‘bad energy.’”

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Even though Heidi is batshit crazy, we still think deep down she has a good heart. If she dropped Spencer she would be so much better off!