More Heidi Video's Coming Our Way

February 13, 2008 By:
More Heidi Video's Coming Our Way

The first video might have sucked bad…really bad, but Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt want you to know that the second video is gonna “blow people’s minds very soon.”

Montag just admitted that the harsh criticism was very painful for her and she cried herself to sleep the first night the video was released to the public.

Spencer says that the new video will be coming out sometime this month and it will still be “very simple, [and] very entertaining, just like the last one.” Is he making a mockery of his girlfriend?

The reason the video was so bad the first time is because Heidi was jumping around in a tiny bikini. I’m sure he convinced her to do that. We all don't need to see that. It seems to me that Heidi just doesn’t know better and listens to whatever he says. She might wanna grow up just a tad bit if she doesn’t wanna continue to cry herself to sleep.