Hollywood Stars: Heidi and Spencer Who?

June 2, 2010 By:
Hollywood Stars: Heidi and Spencer Who?

Heidi Montag finally figured out what we all knew the first time we saw Spencer Pratt on The Hills…that he’s out of his mind!!!

Heidi left Spencer this week to go live with a friend…oh and shoot a new reality show. So is this all another PR stunt? Hollyscoop spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Julie Benz, Debra Messing and more at the Women in Film event to get their opinions!

Heidi Montag Splits from Spencer Pratt

Busy Phillips from Cougartown got straight to the point when we asked her if she thought Heidi and Spencer were trying to take over Hollywood.

She replied, “I don’t know where you are hanging out honey, but they are not taking over Hollywood. I don’t know what coffee shops you have been hanging out in, its not happening.”

Touche! So are we to assume them that the real Hollywood does not know about them? “I bet you ten bucks that Courteney Cox has maybe heard their name but has no idea who they are,” Busy told us. “No idea.”

Former Dexter cast member Julie Benz admitted to being a Hills “forever,” but that doesn’t mean she likes Speidi! We asked if she thinks Heidi “splitting from Spencer” is a publicity stunt, and she told us “With them yes. With other people on the show no. With them, yes.”

Strike two! Debra Messing talked around the subject a little, but made her point loud and clear about her feelings on shows like The Hills. “I think there are different kinds of entertainment,” Debra explained. “I'm the first one to say that I'm an avid Project Runaway fan and Top Chef fan. This is a way to get into other industries and learn different art forms. Following young adults around in their lives does not feel like entertainment to me. So no, I have never watched those before.”

As for Avatar’s Zoe Saldana, reality stars and the people on them are nowhere near her radar. She told us, “My concept of a reality show is a documentary. I don't know, I hope that answers.”

What we love is that everyone outside of the Hollywood realm thinks people like Heidi and Spencer are relevant. But actors and actresses with real talent in Hollywood don’t even know who they are.

Speidi better be planning the biggest PR stunt of their lives if they don’t want their 15 minutes to run out…time is of the essence!