Heidi's Mom Can't Stand Spencer

September 30, 2008 By:
Heidi's Mom Can't Stand Spencer

Well it looks like we're not the only ones that can't stand Spencer Pratt. During a recent episode of The Hills, Heidi Montag's mother came to visit her daughter, but a warm welcoming was just about the last thing she got.

While having dinner with Heidi, Spencer and Heidi's sister Holly, Heidi's mother Darlene thanked Spencer for letting Holly stay with them while she looks for a job.

While a simple 'No Problem' would have worked just fine, Spencer basically told Darlene that he thinks Holly's intention is to get rid of him so she can live with Heidi instead.

When Darlene snapped back and said it wouldn't be such a bad idea, Spencer attacked. "What planet are you living on? That's a horrible idea!"

Shocked, Darlene shoots back, "I think you’re very controlling and manipulative. I think you’re condescending, rude and very hostile right now."

You're right on the money Darlene! Is it really possible for Spencer to be such a douchebag, or do you think he's just doing it for the cameras?