Heidi to Strike Deal For Release of Sex Tape

August 24, 2010 By:
Heidi to Strike Deal For Release of Sex Tape

Heidi Montag is reportedly following in the footsteps of Kendra, Kim and many more 'Young Hollywood' starlets and privately acknowledging the existence of her sex tape, TMZ reports.

What that usually means is that she is gonna be in on the deal to make money on the release. Pathetic, we know!

Vivid Entertainment boss Steve Hirsch is going to Costa Rica to see Heidi and to make an offer on the tape and she is ready to hear it. He's ready to show her numbers and work out some sort of "back-end deal" if she's not satisfied with the original offer.

Heidi and Spencer were definitely in on releasing this sex tape. How sad that they felt like there was nothing more they could do with their careers after 'The Hills' that they are resorting in releasing a sex tape.

Since day one, we have believed that this whole break up thing has been fake and being photographed in Costa Rica together just proved it! Who do they think they are fooling?