Heidi Threatens to Stop Taking the Pill

November 16, 2009 By:
Heidi Threatens to Stop Taking the Pill

Is it just us, or do Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt act like completely different people on The Hills than they do in public? In real life, they can barely keep their hand off each other, and will stop at nothing for a photo op. But on the show, it’s like they can’t stand each other! We don’t get them, nor do we ever want to.

The latest in their little game of life is that Heidi wants a baby, and Spencer does not. On last week’s episode, Spencer told Heidi he almost had a vasectomy, but decided against it once he realized it wasn’t reversible.

And this week, Heidi takes things to the next level of psycho when she tells Audrina she’s thinking about stopping her birth control. She says, “My plan is to maybe stop taking my birth control, and have a surprise plan.”

She continues, “I think Spencer doesn’t know how much he wants a family. I think we need a family, and I’ll make the call.”

She also says, “I always get want I want.”

We’d love to see her with a newborn baby. How scary is that image?! Check out the outrageous video below.