Heidi Montag's Playboy Picture Revealed

August 7, 2009 By:
Heidi Montag's Playboy Picture Revealed

Are you ready to see more of Heidi Montag? Heidi and Spencer Pratt showed up to the G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Los Angeles movie premiere last night with a new red carpet accessory: the September issue of Playboy magazine.

Hoping to start some buzz about her Playboy shoot, Heidi happily posed for photographers with the magazine. The cover shows Heidi covered in mud wearing a white bikini with the Playboy bunny emblem carved out on her torso.

While Playboy is known for their nude pictorials, Heidi insists that she won't be in the nude at all. What's the point of buying the issue?!

"There is nudity. It's tasteful – she had a lot of fun with it," a source told People magazine about the shoot. Heidi's sister Holly also confirmed that her "Christian" sister would be covered up. "She's not nude," Holly recently told Us Weekly. "Her Maxim cover was so gorgeous and tasteful."

We hear Spencer was very hands on at the shoot and wanted to have complete creative control. Which translates to he was annoying everyone on set and asked if he could get contributing editor credit for the issue. Heidi also reportedly banked $500,000 for the spread to...spread it.

What does Heidi's former BFF Lauren Conrad think of Heidi posing for Playboy? "They're not going to pay for themselves," she says. Snap!

"Everyone makes those choices and wants to do different things. I just don't have any interest in showing my body in something like that. That's a little personal," added Lauren.

Lauren and Heidi had a huge fallout on The Hills after Spencer spread fake rumors about Lauren making a sex tape with an ex. Lauren is obviously too smart to take her clothes off for a quick buck, but the same can't be said about these two.

Want Heidi and Spencer to endorse your tacos? No problem. Want her to strip down for money? Sure thing. As long as you sign a check they're willing to do just about anything.

The irony is that Heidi claims she's super religious and attends Church every Sunday and carries a Bible around everywhere. That's an interesting statement for someone who got naked for money to say. Nothing says good Christian girl like getting naked in front of a bunch of strangers and a camera (obviously, I'm being sarcastic). But than again, I wouldn't put anything past these two.