Heidi Montag: Why Don't You Love Me Anymore?

November 18, 2010 By:
Heidi Montag: Why Don't You Love Me Anymore?

Delusional Heidi Montag is at it again. If she's not complaining about her disgusting plastic body, she's complaining about being broke and jobless.

Is this edition of STFU Heidi, she got off on The Hills producers for firing her and her douche husband Spencer Pratt and never inviting them back on the show.

Heidi and Spencer's Next Project: Porn

“I think it was awful I was not invited back,” she said. “I was there at the beginning so I should have been brought back for the end. It was our show. From day one on The Hills it was about four girls and I was one of them. It really was hurtful and upsetting because I would love to have gone and celebrated a show that I was a big part of."

Maybe if you didn't threaten to sue the producer for sexual harassment he would have considered letting you back on the show! I honestly don't know who's stupider, her or Spencer.

She added, "They never told me why but they just said they didn’t want me there.” No one wants you anywhere sweetheart. All you do is complain, lie and say dumb sh*t that makes our skin crawl.