Heidi Montag Trying to Ditch Jennifer Bunney

June 22, 2010 By:
Heidi Montag Trying to Ditch Jennifer Bunney

The rumor going around Hollywood these days is that Jennifer Bunney is the next person on Heidi Montag’s crap-list, other than her soon-to-be ex husband Spencer Pratt.

Apparently, Montag has been avoiding and ignoring Bunney at all costs. But Bunney seems to be oblivious to this, and is planning her entire academic career (she’s been accepted to medical school in Texas) around the next show she is supposed to be in with Montag. X17online had some sobering advice for her:

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"Uh ... wrong. If she's ignoring you these days, you're probably going to be kept out of the loop. May be a good idea to tell that dean of admissions that you accept! Our Heidi source tells us, "Since Jen went to Hong Kong, she has no idea that the whole game has changed. Heidi think Jen's five minutes have gone to her head."

Forget the ridiculous lives they are leading—gaining fame for being caricatures on TV—what is wrong with these people’s names? Montag? Bunney? Pratt? Montag is just weird to say, and Bunney figured she’d slipped an extra ‘e’ into her last name thinking no one would notice she is named after a field animal. And the Spencer fellow seems to have combined ‘Brad’ and ‘Pitt’ in a valiant attempt to get some of Pitt’s mojo through name voodoo.