Heidi Montag to Get Her Mom Plastic Surgery for Mother's Day

January 27, 2010 By:
Heidi Montag to Get Her Mom Plastic Surgery for Mother's Day

Heidi Montag has come under fire for her recent plastic surgeries, and even her mother was in shock over her daughter’s decision to undergo ten procedures in one day.

Sources told People at the time that Darlene Egelhoff was “horrified and having a total breakdown” over the news. “She can’t wait to confront Heidi when she goes home.”

Heidi responded, saying, “I still can’t believe I’m 23 and mom is reacting this way. “I’m nervous to go home and face her – especially with cameras rolling.”

But now Heidi claims her mom knew of her plan to go under the knife all along. She tells Nightline, "I've had this conversation with her several times. So I think she knew. I already heard what she had to say."

She claims she only kept the date of the surgeries a secret because she didn’t want the media getting tipped off. "I didn't want it to be a circus,” she says. “And I didn't want it to be crazy media outside my house."

And according to Heidi, the tables have turned. She says that not only does her mother approve of her new look, but she wants work done now too!

"Actually, she was excited for me and she's asking me ... for her surgery next," says Montag. "So for Mother's Day, I have to ask [surgeon] Dr. Frank Ryan if he'll do the mommy makeover."

If Heidi thought she needed that much surgery, we’re scared to see what she’ll recommend for her poor mother!