Heidi Montag to Fire Her Psychic Manager

March 18, 2010 By:
Heidi Montag to Fire Her Psychic Manager

Well that was a short-lived relationship! Heidi Montag is reportedly firing her new manager Aiden Chase, who also claims to be a psychic.

Just last week, she announced that her husband Spencer Pratt had been replaced by Chase.

And we assumed he’d been the one to wrangle Heidi’s role in the Adam Sandler movie Just Go With It, which she was seen shooting this week. But today Montag’s rep told Us Weekly, "Aiden had nothing to do with securing Heidi's role in the movie."

The firing may have something to do with Chase showing up on the set of The Hills “demanding a significant portion of her Hills money."

Apparently this guy also tried to get Audrina to hire him as her manager/spiritual advisor! Said the source: "He's this creepy older guy who is clearly preying on these young girls. It's awful."

"The guy thinks he's famous now -- it's ridiculous," said the source. "He's referring to himself as the most famous psychic in the world."

Yikes, what a creeper! If even Heidi Montag can see through him, he must be a phony!