Heidi Montag Shopping New Reality Show

March 30, 2010 By:
Heidi Montag Shopping New Reality Show

Just when we thought we were going to see the end of Heidi Montag for awhile, she finds a way to get back on television. Now that The Hills is officially ending after this season, Heidi has time to focus on new projects.

And apparently she's pitching a new reality show. Thankfully, it's not about her and Spencer's life as newlyweds. According to X17 Online, the show is all about newcomer Gigi Hadid, the daughter of real estate developer Mohammad Hadid. She lives with her parents in Malibu.

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Great. Just what we need--another spoiled brat from Malibu on TV. But Heidi's production partner insists the show won't highlight her fabulous lifestyle.

Lexi Vonderlieth says, "It's not about Gigi's lavish, amazing lifestyle or her good looks, but about being a kid and the fun you can have. She is very passionate about volunteering for causes." Gigi and the young people featured in the show "are all out to break the image of stereotypical Malibu teens, by doing charity and living up the lifestyle of the beach community. We didn't want to make another reality show about spoiled rich kids."

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We still have our doubts! As for Heidi's role, she's apparently producing the show. She'll also make cameos, but won't be a regular character on the show. Would you watch it?