Heidi Montag Sex Tape Coming Your Way

August 20, 2010 By:
Heidi Montag Sex Tape Coming Your Way

We saw this one coming from a mile away! Apparently there's a Speidi sex tape and it's about to go viral.

Spencer Pratt is reportedly shopping around a sex tape featuring his soon to be ex wife Heidi Montag and Vivid is very interested in distributing it.

Vivid honcho Steven Hirsch tells TMZ, "I just got off the phone with Spencer Pratt about a sex tape with Heidi Montag."

He continues, "We are in early negotiations to possibly come to terms for a deal."

According to douche Spencer's friend, the alleged sex tape "makes Kim Kardashian look like an amateur."

As we previously reported, Spencer was planning on inking a tell all about Heidi, but she already threatened to sue him if he does. There was no mention of a sex tape...until now that is.

We wouldn't put anything past Spencer. But than again, we wouldn't put anything past Heidi either. And we wouldn't be surprised if the divorce is a big PR stunt just so they can release a tape and Heidi can play the victim. What do you guys think?

UPDATE: Heidi is denying that there is a sex tape! According to RadarOnline.com, she's furious with Spencer for saying that there was one.

The couple’s friend Cougar Zank said, “Heidi’s really pissed off. She denies there is a sex tap. She’s furious that Spencer would try and embarrass her like this.”

Her friend Jennifer Bunney added, “She would never put out a sex tape of herself. She’s extremely religious and concentrated on getting her life to where she wants it to be.”

But Bunney seems to think it's a misunderstanding. “Really, Spencer would never hurt Heidi. He loves her even despite the fact that they are getting a divorce," she said. "I really doubt the validity of this.”

Stay tuned for more drama!