Heidi Montag Playboy Pictures Unveiled

August 12, 2009 By:
Heidi Montag Playboy Pictures Unveiled

Heidi Montag doesn't take it all off for the September issue of Playboy magazine, but don't worry she's planning on going nude as soon as she gets bigger implants.

Plastic Montag confesses that she's not done with plastic surgery and is planning on getting her implants taken out and bigger ones put in "for Spencer."

In the article she talks about her sex life with Spencer, getting more work done, and why she doesn't mind being hated on. Here are some highlights from the interview:

Heidi on why she didn't go nude:

"The body is a beautiful creation. If anything, the reason I didn't show everything is because I plan to get a few more upgrades."

Heidi on her sex life with Spencer:
“I was never very sexual before I met Spencer…Before [Spencer], sex was just something that happened. Now it’s something I look forward to every minute of the day….I feel as if I’m just beginning to know my body with [Spencer]. [He’s] waking me up to what’s possible, and it makes me want to try every new thing, doing it all kinds of ways – indoors, outdoors, upside down.”

Heidi on her plastic surgery:
“When I was shopping for my boobs, I wanted the best, so I sat down and flipped through a bunch of Playboys.”

Heidi on plastic surgery in the future:
“I plan to get a few more upgrades…I’m sure as I get older I’ll need some touch-ups. I’m definitely not done with my surgical quest. I think I want to go bigger on my boobs for [Spencer]….Let’s do [another Playboy photo shoot] again when I get the upgrades.”

Heidi on being hated on: "If they aren’t hating on you, then you’re not doing anything right. If women aren’t jealous of you, talking about you and cutting you down, then you’re a nerd, and I would never want to be that."