Heidi Montag on Lauren: We Don't Need Her

April 3, 2009 By:
Heidi Montag on Lauren: We Don't Need Her

The Hills will be coming to a close after this season, but Heidi Montag isn’t too worried about her future after Lauren Conrad leaves the show. She tells MTV News, "We don't need her. We'll miss her. I just don't know if we need her."

Sounds like Heidi is planning on sticking around! She says, "She's gotta leave the dramas to the pros! I love The Hills and I definitely don't want to go anywhere anytime soon. That's my home and I'm so grateful to be on it, so we'll see."

Well, Heidi definitely knows how to bring the drama. But we can’t see her having a show that revolved all around her and Spencer. They’ve already used up their 15 minutes and then some!

Heidi also told MTV that she’s not surprised at Lauren’s exiting announcement. She says, "I know she hasn't been wanting to be doing this for a while…So I think it's a closing chapter for her. I'm sure she'll have fun and success."

At least it sounds like Heidi genuinely wants Lauren to be happy. Based on the previews we’ve seen on this next season, the two of them look like they’re making up. But they’ve each become such different people over the years. Can you honesly see them being good friends again? Tune in next week wen season 5 of The Hills returns!