Heidi Montag Claims She's Not Addicted to Plastic Surgery

January 19, 2010 By:
Heidi Montag Claims She's Not Addicted to Plastic Surgery

At 23-years-old if you get 10 plastic surgeries in one day you should expect to get some criticism. Heidi Montag appeared on Good Morning America to talk about how she is not addicted to plastic surgery.

Sadly, she is getting what she wants. She has people talking about her and that's all Spencer and Heidi care about. It's unfortunate that she had to go as far as changing her entire body and face to get people talking about her.

During the show, she responded to claims that she is addicted to plastic surgery saying, "I would say that none of those people know me at all, and that's just a judgment. I'm not addicted. If I were addicted, I would have had 10 plastic surgeries."

Umm, last time we checked she did have 10 procedures done and had them all done in one day!

She also touched on people being upset with her for sending the wrong message to young girls.

"I'm in a different industry," she said, "and I have to do things that are going to make me happy at the end of the day."

What industry is she in? The porn industry?

She added: "I'm living in my skin, and I look in the mirror and it's my career and my life, and you only have one. So, I want to take advantage of everything and be the best me, in and out, every way."

Sad. Let's just hope she stops before she ends up looking like Cat Woman. Let Spencer go under the knife next to get some publicity for the two. He sends her in to do the dirty work while he just stands there with a camera. It's time for him to change his face.