Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Don’t Know How Money Works

August 2, 2011 By:
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Don’t Know How Money Works

Reality star Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt are really regretting the career decisions they’ve made. Which makes sense, seeing as how each of their IMDB pages is just a picture of a giant sad face.

Pratt said, “We were living each other's mistakes. Everything we were doing, in retrospect, was a mistake. The second we continued on our quest for fame was a mistake.”

The couple explains that they spent millions on trying to “invest” in their “reality career”.

“I would go back and not have any surgery,” Montag confesses. “I don't regret anything, but if I could go back, I wouldn't do it."

Well, no kidding. I mean, I guess the rest of her looks alright, but something is definitely up with Heidi Montag's boob job. Half the time, they look identical. The other half, it's like her breasts are winking at me. o.O No, that's not an emoticon. That's my virtual impression of Heidi Montag's boobs.

Pratt says he bought $1 million worth of clothes alone, to use as “props” for The Hills. “I would never wear that again,” he explains.

I mean, I want to feel bad for them, I really do. But you don’t have to be Alan Greenspan to know that if you’re the actor, and you’re paying $1 million for “props”, you’re doing something wrong.

"We were all getting paid to be people we weren't for so long," Spencer says.

He now claims that the two are banned from premieres and finale parties.

“If you’re banned from your own show…it really gives you this feeling of inadequacy.”

The couple has now famously gone bankrupt and is living with Spencer’s parents.

“We're watching movies. I do a lot of laundry. A lot of laundry.”

Celebs should know by now that playing the pity-card never works. You can be legitimately going through sh-t, but if you’re complaining about your life and you’re famous, people are just going to hate you even more. But, you can be a complete assh-le like Charlie Sheen, insult your fans and their families, and people will love you forever.