Heidi and Spencer's Sex Tape Scam Revealed

August 24, 2010 By:
Heidi and Spencer's Sex Tape Scam Revealed

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have put on quite a spectacle over the years for some press, and their alleged sex tape is no different.

Don't be surprised if the Heidi sex tape never sees the light of the day. Speidi is getting a kick out of how much press the existence of a tape is getting, and may never release the actual footage.

"This is all a PR stunt," a source close to the couple tells Us Weekly. "They will never really sell unless they get desperate."

What about the reality couple's divorce, slated to be finalized next Valentine's Day? "They are still a couple," the source reports. "They are not really breaking up."

"It's disgusting and vile, but Spencer will do anything to keep his fame, even tempting companies with [the sex tapes]. Whatever they do, though, will be together. He is doing nothing behind her back."

We wouldn't put anything past these two. Once people stop talking about the sex tape, they'll release some teaser footage to get the ball rolling again. And once the press from that dies out, we're sure there will be a "I'm Pregnant" announcement conveniently on a magazine cover. So predictable!