Heidi And Spencer's Marriage In Question

December 17, 2008 By:
Heidi And Spencer's Marriage In Question

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's recent publicity-driven Mexican wedding stunt may be as fake as The Hills themselves. After returning to the United States, Heidi and Spencer looked as though they wanted to make their quickie marriage legal. There is even a preview for The Hills season finale that shows them walking into a courtroom with Stephanie Pratt by their side, and a judge smiling down on them. But now we hear that it might have all been staged! Shocker.

A Beverly Hills court official released a statement Tuesday saying that MTV had been given permission to shoot after hours in a courtroom. But they said the judge you see in preview isn’t one of theirs. How sneaky!

The preview for next week's season finale features a wood-paneled courtroom with the California state seal on the wall behind a judge. Civil ceremonies are sometimes performed at the Beverly Hills courthouse, but not in the way it was portrayed in The Hills preview. Court spokesman Allan Parachini says that if a judge does preside, it is typically in chambers during a break, not after hours.

As of today though, no official filings have been made in LA county or Orange county by Spencer and Heidi. They do though have the option of obtaining a confidential license, but that would be so unlike them! They live for publicity!

So don’t be fooled by The Hills season finale. Just another staged scene on the most popular “reality show” on TV.

Check out the video clip for the season finale of The Hills below...