Heidi and Spencer to Continue to Annoy Americans

April 27, 2010 By:
Heidi and Spencer to Continue to Annoy Americans

Damn it! We were this close to being in the clear! Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are reportedly getting their very own brand new reality show.

The douchey couple has already started shooting footage for the new show. A source tells X17Online, "They're filming their own show right now about their real lives. It's about the 'real' Heidi and Spencer."

Video: Trailer for Final Season of The Hills

A camera crew has been following them around to every stupid appearance they make so they have enough footage for the show. This video dates back to a few years ago, and the compilation will serve as a "behind-the-scenes look at their lives."

"There is a ridiculous amount of material that they'll be able to use", says a source. Their rep adds, "They have in fact been filming."

We wonder which network would be stupid enough to make Speidi a part of their programming. Just a hunch, but we’re pretty sure MTV will pass, given the outrageous lawsuit the couple was planning on filing aganst The Hills creator Adam DiVello, and then mysteriously decided against.

Speidi has been pretty vocal about wanting their own show. Back in October 2008, the couple told Hollyscoop.com that they were upset for not having more airtime on MTV. When we asked if they wanted their own reality show, Montag said, "ya eventually, we're just waiting for The Hills and were just doing that right now and then after." With The Hills finally ending, seems like Speidi's wish may be coming true.