Heidi and Spencer No-Shows for Hills Finale

May 12, 2010 By:
Heidi and Spencer No-Shows for Hills Finale

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are so too cool for school that they apparently don’t even want to be a part of The Hills finale. Word on the street is that they’re not being included in the shooting plans for the last episode.

A source tells Us Weekly that show creator Adam DiVello is the reason for the absence. He "said he doesn't think Heidi and Spencer will come back for the series finale," said the insider.

Heidi wasn't invited to a secret May 6th meeting Divello had with the female cast in Santa Monica to brainstorm about the series finale. "All the girls were asked to come up with ideas of how the show can end," said the insider.

Some of the ideas being tossed around are a trip to Costa Rica for the 100th episode (two before the finale) and a future Sex and the City–style movie sequel.

"He wants The Hills to end on an upbeat tone," adds the source. "He wants to show the audience that the girls are going on to bigger and better things and that the show was good for them."

We can’t imagine The Hills being turned into a movie—talk about boring! But we think it’s great Speidi is getting the karma they deserve by being eliminated from the finale.