Heidi and Spencer Leave Reality Show for Good

June 9, 2009 By:
Heidi and Spencer Leave Reality Show for Good

Can’t these two just make up their minds?? Ever since I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here began last week, the talk has only been about Heidi and Spencer leaving the show. It’s something new every day with them. They can’t let 24 hours pass without being in the press!

The latest is that the dynamic duo have left the show….for good this time. Heidi’s hospitalization was reportedly the last straw. After seeing his wife double over in pain, Spencer said, “It’s not worth it for us anymore.”

He added, "If Heidi is sick, then I'm sick because we are of one flesh."

Well that statement is enough to make anyone vomit! Replacing Heidi and Spencer on the show will be another non-celebrity, Heidi’s sister Holly Montag.

But despite all the drama, Spencer believes he and Heidi did their best. He said, “At the end of the day, we went back in and proved it wasn't about us. This was a life-changing experience."

Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night! At least we have no reason to tune into the show anymore! Thanks Heidi and Spencer!