Heidi and Spencer Cut Sex Tape Negotiations

September 1, 2010 By:
Heidi and Spencer Cut Sex Tape Negotiations

For all those freakshows out there dying to see the Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt sex tape, you’re out of luck. Spencer has reportedly decided to halt negotiations with Vivid Entertainment over selling the tape.

Sources tell TMZ that Pratt sent a letter to Vivid boss Steven Hirsch saying they weren’t interested anymore.

"Heidi's made it very clear that she is not interested in releasing any tapes," said the source. "It looks like she pulled the kill switch."

The letter allegedly states that "Spencer's not interested in further destroying their relationship by pursuing an avenue she's so vehemently against."

Spencer's rep also told Hirsch that Pratt "thought $5 million would be enough to convince her, but now [Heidi] is saying she'll bring out the legal team if he persists."

At this point we highly doubt there was ever a sex tape to begin with. This has publicity stunt written all over it!