Heidi and Spencer Banned From E! Network

June 24, 2009 By:
Heidi and Spencer Banned From E! Network

E! viewers are so sick and tired of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt, they've called for a ban on the stars.

An overwhelming 94% of E! viewers asked the network to stop showing footage of The Hills stars.

A spokesperson for the network says, "It was just a question of overexposure and wondering how much of the news about them was truly news or contrived.

"It just started to feel as if they had maybe jumped a shark in the past couple of weeks and it might be time to just take a rest.

"It wasn't really one particular instance, it just seemed like they'd reached a point where they crossed a line in the interest level of our audience...

"We really didn't know which way it would go. They're a controversial couple, and we didn't know if people were done with them or not. But we went into it knowing that whatever they decided, we would do. We're prepared to live by the vote."

Guess they're hoping that if they ignore them for long enough, they'll go away. No if only other networks would follow suit, the world would be rid of Speidi forever. One can only wish.