Check Out Heidi's New Malibu Pad

June 3, 2010 By:
Check Out Heidi's New Malibu Pad

Heidi Montag has a really phat house to pretend to be sad in this summer.

According to TMZ, the Malibu house she's going to stay in with her new fake BFF Jen Bunney is a 5-bedroom, 6-bath, 62,000 sq ft, single-story house with a pool and some sick views.

Heidi Montag and Spencer Lying About Split

Of course Heidi and Jen won't be the only ones in the house. There will conveniently be a camera crew there to tape Heidi "being sad" over her split from Spencer. And of course, like we reported earlier, Spencer is involved with the project.

Heidi's BFF, who clearly has less brain cells than Heidi, spilled the beans about Spencer's involvement in the shoot and admitted there will be a reunion. "That will be a big aspect of our show: How Spencer handles it," she says.

"This breakup is the latest part of Spencer's master plan," says an insider. "There are no plans for divorce.” Clearly, this split is all for publicity. We can see through you two like Windex! It's sad that they have to pretend to split to stay relevant.