Stars Reveal Their New Year's Resolutions!

December 31, 2009 By:
Stars Reveal Their New Year's Resolutions!

Despite what you may think, no celebrity is perfect! They have bad habits just like everyone else, and try and amend them each year when January 1st comes along!

Hollyscoop got the scoop from a few stars to find out what their New Year’s Resolutions are this time around.

Heidi Klum: “I try to always be good. And the next year, be better. But I never have no particular thing.”

Adam Lambert: “To continue as much as I can to be positive and live in the moment.”

Rihanna: “I want to stop shopping, being late, start waking up early, stuff like that.”

Whitney Port: “To keep in touch more with everybody back home.”

Gilles Marini: “I want to give to my kids, because we bought a new house, an amazing exotic garden. And I want to do it on my own.”

Billy Ray Cyrus: “Live, love, laugh as often as possible, Rock and Roll…looking forward to the New Year and some new music, and I have a film coming out with George Lopez and Jacki Chan in January, so were just rockin and Rollin and see what happens.”

Pusscat Doll Melody Thornton: “Go to Dubai or something…something really cool.”

Shayne Lamas: “I have a ton, all the ones that I did not do the following years.”

Cheryl Burke: “My New Year resolution is to get back in touch with all the friends I have lost touch of.”

Lacey Schwimmer: “I don’t ever hold a New Years resolution; I think you should make resolutions throughout the year and keep building upon them. This upcoming year I am working on my singing; music and hopefully that will be well and fun.”

John Cho: “Get Fat!”

Valerie Betinelli: “The marathon, I have to train for the marathon that is my resolution.”