Seal Wants To Protect His Family, Still Calls Heidi Klum His 'Wife'

February 23, 2012 By:
Seal Wants To Protect His Family, Still Calls Heidi Klum His 'Wife'

Based on all his interviews, I think it's safe to say Seal has no idea that he split up with Heidi Klum.

The two have four children together, and in an interview recently, Seal said it's his priority to make sure they're okay. In that same interview, he calls Heidi Klum his "wife," which I guess is still technically true.

During an interview with Aussie radio hosts Fifi & Jules (I would make fun, but when we have hosts named 'Bean', I hardly think it's fair), Seal said:

''It's a difficult time, the best that one can do in these situations is handle it with dignity, and handle it with civility as much as you can. I've tried my very best to protect the general welfare of my family, my wife included, you know it is a difficult time and you hope you will behave like adults and protect those who are most important in this, who are your family, that bit of it doesn't actually change.''

I think some of us are still holding out hope that these two will make it work. Maybe they're not even broken up after all. Maybe this is just one elaborate "divorced couple" costume for 2012.

Since the breakup, Seal has been candid about his divorce from Heidi. Mostly, I'm guessing, because he has a new album out.

He explained: ''I was booked to do the Ellen (DeGeneres) show and booked to do the Piers Morgan show three months in advance because I had a record to promote, it's not like this thing happened and then I decided next week that I wanted to go on their shows."