Seal to Adopt Heidi's Daughter

November 26, 2009 By:
Seal to Adopt Heidi's Daughter

Heidi Klum and Seal are already one of cutest couples in Hollywood, and they're slowing catching up to Brangelina with four kids.

Earlier this month Heidi legally took Seal's last name, Samuel, and we just got word that Seal is planning on adopting Heidi's five year old daughter Leni before Christmas.

Heidi had Leni with Formula One boss Flavio Briatore, but they broke up before Heidi gave birth. Seal was there for Heidi when she delivered and has basically been the only father Leni has ever known.

Heidi’s father Guenther said: “Heidi, Seal and the kids have always been a happy family – in everyday life and in their hearts. Then they should also be happy on paper."

Seal already has three children with Heidi, Henry, 4, Johan, 3, and six-week-old Lou – has been given the go-ahead by Flavio to adopt Leni.

What an adorable family! Seal has proven time again that he's a loving father and husband so this move makes perfect sense!