Seal And Heidi's Kids Have Professional Trainers

October 28, 2008 By:
Seal And Heidi's Kids Have Professional Trainers

Seal And Heidi Klum’s three children, Leni, Henry, and Johan, are all under the age of 4, but already have professional trainers! Before you go thinking how crazy of an idea that is, it’s really just more of a convenience of being a celebrity.

Seal And Heidi’s kids have been receiving lessons from two of the greatest athletes in the world: David Beckham and Roger Federer.

Seal says, "David pops round to have a kick around with the kids and give them tips. He’s so good with children. Sometimes his kids come over too.They really enjoy it.”

"Roger has been teaching the kids too. That’s one of the joys of being connected in the showbiz industry. It’s nice knowing these people. He’s the greatest tennis player to have ever laced up his shoes. I’ve had a knock up with him too."

We think Heidi and Seal are just a little more than “connected in the showbiz industry.” Can you imagine David or Roger just popping by the neighborhood to see if the kids feel like playing? One of the perks of being a superstar!