Seal and Heidi Klum's Friends Were 'Shocked' By Split

January 23, 2012 By:
Seal and Heidi Klum's Friends Were 'Shocked' By Split

I'm really hoping this Heidi Klum/Seal split isn't real and it's just one elaborate “divorced couple” costume for Halloween 2012. Those two are really good at costumes.

As surprised as the public was by their split, Seal and Hedi Klum's friends were perhaps even more shocked.

Jason Binn, founder of Niche Media, and longtime friend of Heidi Klum, told PEOPLE:

“All this is just shocking to me. I've only seen them as the most loving couple.”

This guy is the founder of a media company. Which means he knows a thing or two about shocking celebrity splits (among other things), so that just goes to show you how surprising this one was.

Another source, who worked with Heidi in the fashion industry, is just as shocked:

“The Heidi and Seal I knew was the couple everyone loves, super passionate and in love.”

It's reported that Heidi ended the relationship months ago. The two claimed in a statement that they grew apart but insisted they still “love each other very much.”

So naturally, we're all wondering what the hell happened. We want answers, dammit! Answers!

“It has to be something major,” a friend of Heidi's said. “They have four kids together, and they've always been very committed to making it work.”

One of the reasons is reportedly Seal's bad temper. A source told TMZ that the split “was a long time coming” because Seal's inability to control his anger grew to be too much for Heidi to deal with. So I guess not everyone was shocked.

I'm still hoping it's a Halloween costume.