Report: Heidi Klum Separated From Seal Because He's a 'Controlling Diva'

January 25, 2012 By:
Report: Heidi Klum Separated From Seal Because He's a 'Controlling Diva'

Oooh, does he have a diva alter ego like ‘Sasha Fierce’? Can we give him one? If so, I nominate ‘Walrus.’

More and more reports are surfacing that Heidi Klum was the one to walk away from her marriage to Seal, the reason being he has a bad, controlling temper. Now, more sources are saying that Seal was a “diva” who “treated people poorly,” and Heidi wanted to take her kids away from his negativity.

A source tells says, “Heidi’s first priority has always been her marriage, but she felt like Seal wasn’t meeting her halfway.”

The source said that seal had “entitlement” issues as well as an explosive temper. And here’s a weird example. Seal apparently has a room at home full of old cameras, and if anyone goes inside the room he goes “ballistic.”

So I guess when they said they “grew apart”, they meant that Heidi Klum remained normal while Seal became an obsessive, camera-hoarding fiend.

It seems like if you were married to someone who goes “ballistic” over a special camera room, you might know what you’re getting into sooner than ten years, no? This kind of crazy would’ve surely popped up in some fashion over the past decade.
That’s why the source says that Heidi might just be threatening divorce to get Seal’s attention.

“I could see Heidi threatening Seal with a divorce because he thought she would NEVER do such a thing. This may push Seal to finally get the help he needs to deal with his temper in a more constructive manner. She had to take drastic measures to show Seal she wouldn’t put up with his behavior anymore.”