Heidi Klum's Secret to Losing the Baby Weight

March 19, 2010 By:
Heidi Klum's Secret to Losing the Baby Weight

Heidi Klum always looks great. But she feels great too, which is even more important, especially as we’re all getting older!

The mom of four kicked off the “I Heart Truth” campaign today at the Diet Coke popup store in Santa Monica, and Hollyscoop got to talk exclusively with Heidi about how she stays healthy.

“I have been involved with Diet Coke and the heart truth campaign for the past three years,” Klum told us EXCLUSIVELY. “We try to raise awareness for women. The number one killer is heart disease. We want to educate women to get tested, get nutrition habits and get the right exercise to keep your heart pumping and make it healthier.”

We admitted to not being aware of heart disease being the number one killer, and Heidi said that’s part of the problem. She told Hollyscoop, “People do not know that, they usually think its cancer, if you put all the cancers together heart disease is still number one. It shows you, every time I do an interview people are surprised. People think they are young and fit and end up pointing the finger at other people or think that it’s only hereditary or older. You may have other issues that can contribute to it, so getting screened is a great idea, otherwise that number would not be so high.”

So how does Heidi stay in shape being so busy with her kids and nonstop work? Her children keep her on the go! “I try to stay fit with running after my kids, swimming with them, playing tag with them and hitting the treadmill every once in awhile,” she explained. “I have lived this kind of life for the past 15 years, being a model, a lot of people don’t really look at the input of the things that they eat or are motivated to move around. The heart has to pump to get the blood going through your body. There are professionals that will be here this weekend, I am not a professional, but they will tell you what to do to better yourself and be healthier.”

Believe it or not, that’s all Heidi does! She admitted to not “really doing a lot of exercise.” She said she gets plenty of cardio running after her kids. “They want to run and get their steam off otherwise they don’t function,” said Heidi. “If you are a mom and participate in your children’s games you will get a workout instead of sitting and watching, plus children love to see their parents see them do silly things.”

That’s the scoop from one of the hottest supermodels in the world! We never would have thought having kids could help get you in shape! But looking at Heidi’s biceps today definitely made us believers!

The “I Heart Truth” popup store will be on the 3rd Street Promenade all weekend long to educate people on the risks of heart disease, as well as offer free heart screening, blood pressure checks, and advice from registered dietitians and fitness experts.

The address of the popup is 1228 Third Street between Wilshire and Arizona in Santa Monica's Promenade.