Heidi Klum Shopping For Divorce Lawyers

January 24, 2012 By:
Heidi Klum Shopping For Divorce Lawyers

And then she decided to just wait till she got a good Groupon offer.

Turns out Heidi Klum's decision to divorce Seal was a longtime coming. Or, at least two weeks. Klum has been spending the past couple of weeks shopping around for the best divorce lawyers in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, Klum conducted interviews with various divorce attorneys, and selected one based on an interview.

HEIDI: And what are your strengths?

LAWYER: Well I got Vanessa Bryant three houses…

HEIDI: You're hired!

The interviews were reportedly conducted at a secret location because Heidi didn't want the news to leak. And it must've been Area 51 or some sh-t, because no one heard anything about this.

TMZ adds that the lawyers Heidi interviewed are some of the most high-profile in town, who have taken on "a number of celebrity clients."

And here's the thing. Seal can't hired any of the lawyers that Heidi rejected because she shared confidential information with them. So if they repped Seal, it would create a conflict of interest.


But TMZ adds that "the good news for Seal-there are still other good divorce lawyers to be had."

Oh, what joyous news! I'm sure Seal is pirouetting on his tiptoes right now.

And, according to Life & Style, "Yes, there is a prenup." Good news for Heidi, since her career has really blossomed since their marriage. Don't act like you don't watch Project Runway.

"She was the one to hire the attorney," a friend of Heidi's tells the mag. "She wanted to be in charge and make sure that he knew that she was leaving him."

I think he gets the idea.