Heidi Klum: Seal and I Have No Plans to Get Together

February 4, 2012 By:
Heidi Klum: Seal and I Have No Plans to Get Together

Then why are they still wearing their wedding rings!? Even though Seal has been buzzing around the talk-show circuit about how he and Heidi are legally “still together,” and that he wears his wedding band as a token of his love for her, it’s obvious that Heidi has other plans, and she wants out!

“They have zero plans to get back together,” a source close to Heidi tells Us Weekly.

Apparently, tension between the couple has been worse in the past two weeks then it ever has been in the entire 7 years they’ve been married. I’m going go out on a limb and guess that the tension is from all of Seal’s TV appearances where he keeps talking about their separation. Also, him singing “Let’s Stay Together” on Ellen probably wasn’t the best divorce song ever.

According to a source, Heidi is telling her friends, “Seal wont shut up.”

It’s just a really bad coincidence that Seal had a new album to promote at the same time that Heidi released the statement about their impending divorce. I mean, Seal hasn’t made new music in ages and now he finally gets an interview with Ellen Degeneres and Access Hollywood and all anyone wants to talk about is the split. Sure, we can pretend it’s 1994 and “Kiss From a Rose” is still a thing, or we can’t talk about your divorce from supermodel Heidi Klum!

However, it’s not really his fault that the interviewers keep asking him about it, but Heidi thinks he’s being insensitive and is “talking about it everywhere.”

In Seal’s defense, these meetings were set months in advance, so there was nothing they could do about it. He could have cancelled the interviews, but who do you think Seal is? Lindsay Lohan?