Heidi Klum Remains Queen of Halloween

November 1, 2010 By:
Heidi Klum Remains Queen of Halloween

After seeing Heidi Klum’s costume this year, it’s clear all other celebrities should just stay home—the supermodel is going to trump your Fright-Night get-up every time!

Here’s the quick round-up of our favorite celebs who did put decent effort into their costumes this year:

Kim Kardashian: We were really hoping Kim would ditch her typical “show off my boobs and ass” look, and get dressed as something non-slutty, like a big stuffed animal. But, alas, she dressed exactly like what you might think: a slutty Little Red Riding Hood. Don’t get us wrong—it’s totally cute, yet totally predictable. Maybe Kim didn’t want to outshine Heidi Klum at her own party! And the platform pumps don’t exactly scream Lil Red!

Snooki: Although we highly doubt she came up with this costume on her own, we give Snooks major points for creativity! She dressed as the Pickle Princess for Jet’s party in Vegas, and the green coloring actually worked with that horrific shade of orange.


CoCo: Ice-T’s wife’s costume this year was like a scene out of a tranny horror flick. We’re all for a little cleave, but this chick managed to take it to a downright disgusting level. We can’t see the backside in this pic, and we’re pretty sure we’re ok with that. Thanks for ruining the slutty nurse fantasy for everyone, CoCo!

Pauly D: We almost didn’t recognize Pauly D on Halloween! The giudo ditched the hair gel for his Justin Bieber costume. We love the new look on him, but we still think he could have gone with a better side-swept blow out!

Heidi Klum: Our favorite supermodel outdid herself again last night, as she towered over her own husband in an amazing robot costume. Guess you kind of have to have the best costume of the night when you’re hosting your 11th annual Halloween bash at LAVO in NYC.

"I wanted to be like an alien transformer," she told reporters. "It took a few hours [to get ready], but I was well-prepared because someone has been building it for me for quite some time, so when the time came, I just put it on. But the makeup, that took a little while longer!"

Heidi also managed to put on more makeup than Kim Kardashian—a feat in itself.